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hey.   well I don't know what we are suppose to post in this community really, but I believe its you kids who are interested in promoting KB and I'd just like to inform everyone that I just smoked for my first time since last time (which was last May).  So anyways.... hahaha  wow

it was my first time with a bong.   <3 so much better.  and although I'm not planning on making this a regular activity at all....  its definately gonna help me sleep better tonight... in about 5 minutes.

But anyways it felt reaaaaaaal good.  Sad... I'd rather have gotten wasted, but this is a nice comfty feeling so I'm kind of liking it.  It was nice being with Cory (my boyfriend) because we definately both fell asleep.  Tyler and Mike and Blake just chilled in front of the TV and me and Cory went into his room and slept in his bed.  I enjoyed that.  haha.

Well I feel like going to sleep in my nice cozy bed.  I'd loved to hear all your guys stories from this weekend too!

Like maybe that could be our thing... we all post about our weekend or our Saturday night.  Something special.... I don't know just throwing that out there homes.  

: -D     el-oh-vee-ee.   (love)   whoa thats actually cool.  

el-oh-vee-ee.  Danielle.  xox
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