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application I guess


Name: Alice
Sex: female
Age: 17

Bands: the killers, the click five
Guilty Pleasure: I don't, chocolate
Movies: the notebook, pretty woman, notting hill
Books: a tale of two cities
Word: (dont say fuck or sex or hot) no idea

Opinons On...:
Gay Marriages: not sure that it should be called "marriage" but they definately
the same rights as heterosexual couples
Being Straight Edge: good I guess but you have to live a little
Drugs & Alcohol: I only drink but everyone else can do what they want
Emo: it fascinates me but I'm personally not into that
Fashion: my life long obsession
America: good and need to get into it

Favorite preppie thing to wear (name brand and what type of clothing): well
it's "preppy" and I'd have to say Ralph Lauren oxford shirts
Favorite vacation spot: Ocean Reef Club
City, suburbs, countryside?: city or suburbs

Promote in two places and put the places here, just so we can tell that you actually did it.
I'm new to this whole livejournal thing and I don't know how to do that. I'kll do it if you tell me what it entails.
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