Sydney (i_love_hot_pink) wrote in effingcoolkids,

sex is personal

Name: Sydney Elizabeth
Sex: female
Age:almost 16

Bands: my chemical romance, the used, bright eyes, bon jovi, OAR, TBS, bowling for soup
Guilty Pleasure: gossip girls
Movies: zoolander, anything with audrey hepburn (esp charade)
Books: gossip girls collection, the cats meow, things fall apart, shoaholic collection
Word: (dont say fuck or sex or hot) rad

Opinons On...:
Gay Marriages: pro
Being Straight Edge: what is straight edge?
Drugs & Alcohol: YAY!
Emo: love the music, couldnt stand being depressed all the time
Fashion: im in fashion class haha i love it. im really preppy though.
America: the best effen place
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yeah i really liked your application, so obviously, yeah.

*and straight-edge is people who are opposed to drugs, alcohol and violence
haha im pro alcohole and some drugs
anti violence