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sex is personal


Name: Meg Burke

Sex: female



Bands: guster, coldplay, elliott smith, jack johnson, dispatch... and im also really into classic rock, like the eagle, bruce springsteen.. im just a music person

Guilty Pleasure: mmm ice cream, or cher, or maybe this one boy(we all have those crushes)

Movies: enemy at the gates, the talented mr ripley, garden state, 21 grams maybe

book: circle of friends

word (dont say fuck or sex or hot):beauty

Opinons On...:

gay marriages: i have none really... im still trying to form an opinion on it, i like to be really informed of things before making judgements

being straight edge: im not,but i respect people who are:

drugs and alcohol: im fine with it to a certain extent

Fashion: im quite into fashion

America: ilove america so much!

Favorite preppie thing to wear (name brand and what type of clothing): im going to have to go with slim fit polos from ralph lauren i think,, maybe my pink lilly skirt

Favorite vacation spot: rome, italy

City, suburbs, countryside?:suburbs.. the best of both worlds

and i dont know if your interested in what i look like.. but here is my photo album...<me more specifically
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