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Sex is Personal

Name:  Danielle Lynn

Sex:  female

Age:  15     /  I'll be 16 in two weeks :) :)


Bands:  The Early November and Ace Enders himself.   Something Corporate.   Saves the Day.   The Format.   GooGoo Dolls.   Jack Johnson,   etc.

Guilty Pleasure:  Satin.  I love anything in satin.  Its just so smooth and silkly and comforting.

Movies:  Garden State, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and Office Space 

Books:  The Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood, The Gossip Girl Series, Chocolate

Word: (dont say fuck or sex or hot)  love.  its warm and milkly to me haha (loser)

Opinons On...:

Gay Marriages:  At the moment I don't think its right, but I also don't think its right for me to judge it.  I'm all for gay couples and the support they provide for eachother, I think that's completely valid and no one should take away a partner and confidant from someone else just because they are the same gender.  However I don't know if marriage is right because the past definition of marriage was man and woman.  However everything changes and the most important thing is everyone feels loved and has someone to turn to.  So undetermined opinion for me?

Being Straight Edge:  Haha!  Definately the way anyone would describe me, but lately I've completely turned away from that.  Well not completely... but I'm definately redefining my list of right and wrong

Drugs & Alcohol:  Alcohol has become a new best friend..  I enjoy it very very much.  I played around with drugs last spring, but my mother caught me and made me really sad.  Her brother is a drug addict and has done absolutely no good in his life and has ruined my grandparents life and has really hurt my mom and my aunt.  So I'm staying away from the drugs at the moment...   Then again alcohol is a drug...............  

Emo:  Its fine.  And I enjoy my share of Emo music.  :)  I think the whole "Em0-kid" label is humorous.

Fashion:  Is everyones duty and life purpose.   Or at least mine.   Its fun and comforting to me... like overweight people have comfort food...  I have comfot clothes :)

America:  ROCKS and is my home  :)    God Bless America.  (I like Bush too)

Favorite preppie thing to wear (name brand and what type of clothing):  I love my boys polos by ralph lauren and have also fallen in love with Nike-fit Golf Polos.  :) haha.  I love my Marc Jacobs slip on loafers too.

Favorite vacation spot:  Captiva Island, in the Gulf of Mexico...  its off the coast of Ft. Myers, Florida.  Sadly Hurricane Charlie destroyed everything includes the house last August.  But its all being re-built.  My family would never leave that island

City, suburbs, countryside?:   I live in the country at the moment.  Farms and mountains in the background.   I like it.. its the furthest I've ever lived from a metropolitian area.  I've never lived in a City before and I think when I first get out of college I'll be going straight to New York or maybe even out of the country.    I want to see it all and then someday return to the country to have a family.   So do a full 360  :)

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