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Sex is personal

Name: Amanda Catherine
Sex: Female
Age: 14 (I have a late birthday, but I'm a freshman in HS)

Maroon 5, Taking Back Sunday, Something Corporate (I'm not big on bands, but when I do listen to bands...)
Guilty Pleasure: Sex in the City-c'mon, it's everybody's gulity pleasure! plus secret crushes-just the ones you keep to yourself!
Movies: Dirty Dancing, Stepford Wives, Sixteen Candles, Mean Girls, Breakfast at Tiffanys, my 8th grade graduation video (I was really close to all my old friends), all my home videos, Holiday Inn (it's an old movie about different holidays), + any Disney movie.. I have so many I can't even think of...
Books: Right now I'm reading this book in health class, I know it sounds cheesy, but it's called Ryan White:My Own Story, & it's about this little boy who had AIDS in the 80's when they weren't sure about it yet, & it's really heartbreaking & it touches a weak spot, A Raisin in the Sun, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Matilda, Great Expectations
Word: (dont say fuck or sex or hot) I say OH! about a million times a day, so I guess it's my favorite word!

Opinons On...:
Gay Marriages:
I used to be strongly against this simply because I'm a strong believer in my faith, & not being properly involved with someone outside your sex was considered WRONG. I'm against that now. I don't think it's wrong to have feelings for someone outside your sex-it shouldn't/doesn't matter. Love is love, and sometimes you can't help the way you feel. I think that when the Church preaches how terrible it is, it makes the rest of the world feel like, if you go against your faith you're a horrible person & you're never welcomed to worship God again.
Being Straight Edge: I respect it, I'm not, but that's ok!
Drugs & Alcohol: I have a strong opinion on this. I was taught that drugs, other than the ones needed in the medical field are wrong. I had an aunt who did drugs, & is very very messed up now, mentally & 2 friends who did them too. I think with a lot of kids my age, it's the cool and it thing to do, but it just makes you unaware of everything surrounding your life & you're in for it if you choose to do them. Alchol is another one I'm against. It's the cool thing to do now a days, but I don't care. Unless it's for a special occasion, then I won't drink till I'm drop dead drunk, & can't function. I find a lot of my friends who do drink don't think about the consequences & regret what they did-but they only asked for it.
Emo: Who isn't emo these days? I think all girls are emo, but hehe, I know I am.
Fashion: Fashion is a big part of our culture, & society. I love it! I think some of the prices are rediculous, but that doesn't stop me from loving it!
America: The only place where it makes kids feel like we can have an opinion! I love America! <3

Favorite preppie thing to wear (name brand and what type of clothing): I'd have to say, my Lacoste shirts, & any kinda polo, with a cute skirt from Abercrombie
Favorite vacation spot:..I know I'll sound like a little girl, but I LOVE DISNEY! =D
City, suburbs, countryside?: I live in a suburb, but since I live close to NYC, how could I not love it! There's so much to do & see (did I mention the shopping?!) but the countryside is a great place to relax & ease your mind, my grandparents have a house in Lake George, & I love it because of all the space, & duhh the lake!

Thanks everyone! =)

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