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sex is personal

Name: Marsalis
Sex: Male
Age: 15 3/4

Bands: Sonic Youth, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Blink 182, The Black Maria, Pet Shop Boys, The Specials, The Kinks, Taking Back Sunday
Guilty Pleasure: Gossip Girl books--hah
Movies: Heathers, The Breakfast Club, Saved!, Better Luck Tomorrow, Thirteen, Pretty in Pink, Mean Girls
Books: Gossip Girl books, Less Than Zero, The Great Gatsby
Word: (dont say fuck or sex or hot) Bitchen

Opinons On...:
Gay Marriages: If people want to get married to each other and they happen to be the same sex then it really isn't a problem. I mean, people who love each other should get married. It's their life.
Being Straight Edge: I am not into straight edge at all. I'm not a good role model. Ha.
Drugs & Alcohol: I love booze and I love drugs, especially pot and stuff. Drinking is fun when you're pissed and upset and drugging is when you're bored.
Emo: It's whiney but sometimes it's okay.
Fashion: Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Hollister, American Eagle, etc.
America: American is the wealthiest country in the world. Why feel bad about living in this place?

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