Your Guess Is As Good As Mine (gpt987) wrote in effingcoolkids,
Your Guess Is As Good As Mine

Sex is Personal


Name: Griffin

Bands: Fall Out Boy, James Taylor, OAR, Dispatch,
Guilty Pleasure: The OC
Movies: Garden State
Books: The Power of One, The Great Gatsby, An Unfinished Season
Word: (dont say fuck or sex or hot)Ya'll

Opinons On...:
Gay Marriages: No
Being Straight Edge: You mean being a loser?
Drugs & Alcohol: No Drugs, just alcohol, and the more the better
Emo: again, no.
Fashion: prep is the only way to go
America: yay capitalism!

Favorite preppie thing to wear (name brand and what type of clothing): Navy Blue Lacoste polo, Polo madras shorts, and my bleached hemp rainbows or my chacos
Favorite vacation spot: Rosemary Beach Florida
City, suburbs, countryside?: I'd like a house in all three, thanks...
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