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Name: Katherine
Sex: female
Age: 17

Bands: Taking Back Sunday, Modest Mouse, Postal Service, The Shins, The B-52s, Bright Eyes, Coldplay
Guilty Pleasure: expensive sushi, hot gay boys, Vera Bradley
Movies: Garden State, Napoleon Dynamite, Royal Tenenbaums, The Importance of Being Earnest, Ghost World, Forrest Gump
Books: The Catcher in the Rye (and anything else by JD Salinger), The Color Purple, Bright Lights Big City, The Great Gatsby
Word: (dont say fuck or sex or hot) pamplemouse (not sure if thats the exact spelling but it means grapefruit in french)

Opinons On...:
Gay Marriages: definitely pro, shouldn't even be an issue
Being Straight Edge: it's cool for some people but its not my thing
Drugs & Alcohol: <3 alcohol. drugs can get out of hand for some folks but so far so good for me
Emo: i love emo music and going to emo shows and i definitely some me some emo boys
Fashion: yay. love clothes, shopping, etc.
America: great country, don't like the president.
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ok wow i always say that word in french class because its fun to say

psh yeah i love you
its pretty much the best word ever
yeah definitely. you have good qualities. sushi is good, drugs and alcohol is a plus, and pretty much everything else.